About Us

About Us

At Precomp, we offer full range of IT hardware equipment as well as a pool of skilled engineers and computer technician which are ready to provide substantial service in your business at Malaysia. Our range of products including various types of HP & IBM servers, Workstations, desktops, laptops, UPS, storages and server racks that specially design to Dell, HP and IBM server. Do check our products via the categories listed below. Apart from that, we have a team of professional experienced engineers that offer system deployment, system updates, running diagnostics, workload migration and hardware configuration to our clients

Professional IT Consultancy

Consultants might oversee a scientific program, update technical services, or provide new tools that their clients cannot get for themselves. IT Consultancts to help troubleshoot problems, improve efficiency, and cut costs. The consultant is there to advise on human capital and can suggest to their client, changes and policies that will slowdown high employee turnover. In addition, they may teach the company leaders new ways to help them save money on re-training staff. 

Web Development & Design

Managing website can be more easier, Precomp makes it easy for business owner can have an easy time updating the contents, knowing there is always a live business behind the scene to help out when they are stuck. Hosted application, you never have to worry about updates and improvements to the system, which means your website will be getting all the latest technology in future years. A SaaS solution is a software deployment model that allows the users to access a specific application or module that is hosted by the vendor as needed. Software as a service (SaaS) is commonly used with a range of different software products. The primary feature of a SaaS solution is the licensing rules. Instead of purchasing an entire application as a unit or product, clients can purchase access rights instead.