Cable Structure

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Structured Cabling System (SCS)

Consistency & Cost reduction: A structured cabling systems means the same cabling systems for Data, voice and video. A structured approach in cabling also helps reduce maintenance costs

Support for multi-vendor equipment: A standard-based cable system will support applications and hardware even with mix & match vendors.

Simplify moves/adds/changes: Structured cabling systems can support any changes within the systems. Simplify troubleshooting: With structured cabling systems, problems are less likely to down the entire network, easier to isolate and easier to fix.

Support for future applications: Structured cabling system supports future applications like multimedia, video conferencing etc with little or no upgrade pain.

Fault Isolation: By dividing the entire infrastructure into simple manageable blocks, it is easy to test and isolate the specific points of fault and correct them with minimal disturbance to the network.


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