Nutanix Server

Nutanix makes IT infrastructure invisible with an enterprise cloud platform that delivers the agility and economics of the public cloud – without sacrificing the security and control of on-premise infrastructure.

How Your Enterprise Will Benefit

Hyperconverged infrastructure natively integrates compute and storage into a single x86 based server deployed in scale-out clusters. It reduces power and space, and eliminates storage complexity. Built-in virtualization makes infrastructure truly invisible, shifting focus back to applications.

Nutanix Hardware Platform NX-1175S-G5 Server (2N) (E5-2650v4.4x32GB.2x4TB+2x480GB)

Nutanix Hardware Platform NX-1175S-G5 Server (2N) (E5-2650v4.4x32GB.2x4TB+2x480GB)

Hypervisor Agnostic InstallerNutanix Controller VMPrism Starter ManagementAcropolis Starter License ..

MYR206,383.00 Ex Tax: MYR206,383.00

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